Software Development

We are a one stop shop. We like to solve challening problems and build complex apps. We do not make simple/static web pages. Instead we build database driven web applications that automate your workflow. We specialize on the following technologies: Python/web2py (serverside), Javascript/Vue.js (clientside), Postgres & MongoDB (databases), Cordova (Android & iOS apps), Google & Amazon Cloud Services. Here is a small sample of what we have build (sorry, a lot of our work is confidential and cannot share):


We are strong on security, numerical/parallel/financial algorithms, mathematical modeling and machine learning in general. We like to work on big data. If nobody else can solve your problem, then talk to us.

Technical Publications

We use Amazon Create Space to publish books and technical reports. Our publications are both in-print and eletronic. They are all released under the Creative Commons License and are free to download.

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